Why Nonviolence?

"Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humankind.”

– Mahatma Gandhi –

We are all born with the capacity for nonviolence (it’s part of our evolutionary inheritance!). Yet most of us didn’t grow up learning about this inherent power of ours. Because we’re unschooled in the many dimensions of nonviolence, we can make the mistake of limiting its power.

It’s common, for instance, to think of nonviolence as something that occurs at peaceful protests and marches only. While showing strength in numbers can be important, nonviolence goes far beyond mass demonstrations. Nonviolence is a practice, a skill we intentionally cultivate for the purpose of actively building peace in our homes, workplaces, and local and global communities.

Learning to practice nonviolence skillfully is not unlike learning to speak a language. It takes time, effort, and humility. A good dose of humor helps too. We may never be perfect at nonviolence; that’s OK. But we should never stop trying to apply our greatest power for the benefit of all.

Nonviolence is a dynamic process. It isn’t a set of formulas or methods but a transformational energy we bring to life inside ourselves and that ripples outward, within our relationships.

Learning about nonviolence is a purposeful form of education. Hear our thoughts on that with this short welcome video from our founder and president, Michael Nagler.

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