How to Enjoy the Next 30 Days

Nonviolence meets you where you are. New to nonviolence? These next 30 days will broaden your horizons on the theory, history, and science of nonviolence. Are you a longtime veteran of nonviolent activism? Then 30 Days of Nonviolence will shine a new light on its transformative powers.

Wherever you may be on this lifelong journey: This course is designed to help you hone a daily practice of nonviolence. By the end of the 30 days, you will feel more rooted in your knowledge and understandings. You will also tap your own creative empowerment—nonviolence isn’t about following set formulas or methods but about meeting situations as they arise. It’s a dynamic process that comes to life in the moment, through our own words, actions, and deeds.

To help you make the most of 30 Days of Nonviolence, we’d like to offer you a few tips:

  • Approach each of these 30 days as a serious practitioner of nonviolence. Even as each Day’s material may take just 5 – 10 minutes to review, we recommend focusing on it with deep intention. The material for each Day features a nonviolence principle. Take in the principle, then continue in this order to: 1. Go deeper (a short read or video to further your understanding of the principle) and 2. Practice (a simple, powerful way to put that day’s principle into action).   
  • See the Quick Guide section before starting Day 1. Our quick guide explains how to access and navigate the course, change your account information, and email us with questions.
  • Enjoy 30 Days of Nonviolence for as long as you’d like. We encourage you to come back to the daily material as often as you’re inspired to, even after you’ve completed all 30 days.

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